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Website Redesign

Responsive Laptop and Desktop Design

One of many UI design solutions to the problem of how to help visitors to customize their experience


Utrip, a travel startup in Seattle, had done some usability testing and hired me to ideate on their website, and to design some interfaces for White Label clients. 

My role

In a fast-paced, Agile environment, I iterated rapidly on my design concepts, creating numerous clickable prototypes in Axure and defending my designs weekly in presentations to stakeholders.


2 Months


Axure, Illustrator, Whiteboard, Pens & Paper


Introduce UX Design into a complex, controversial, iOT product under a tight deadline, as a team of one.


I studied the research the company had done to make sure I was solving for pain points in the current version. I whiteboarded multiple ui paths and gained input from my manager before proceeding. I checked in frequently with the lead engineer and iterated fast on my designs following weekly stakeholder input.


The designs I created were well received by management, helping to reassure the stakeholder while furthering the concepting process.


Website Redesign Concept 

2 Month Project


Axure, Illustrator, Paper and Pens

This project is protected. Please contact me to learn more.

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