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SAFR™ Facial Recognition Software

macOS Desktop App and iPad Kiosk Interface


View of iMac with SAFR™ app open to show live camera feed from devices on premises


In October of 2018, RealNetworks launched SAFR™, a highly accurate machine learning facial recognition platform, free to every K-12 school in the U.S. and Canada.

My role

Using Sketch, I developed and delivered an appealing and functional roadmap for UI development in the form of clickable, high-fidelity prototypes. In addition to a macOS Desktop console design, I created interfaces for the SAFR™ iPad kiosk and door devices, as well as website sign up, sign in, download and instruction pages.


4 Months


Sketch, Photoshop, Powerpoint, Whiteboard, Pens & Paper


Introduce UX Design into a complex, controversial, iOT product under a tight deadline, as a team of one.


I used affinity diagrams, site maps, user flows and personas to understand the requirements and make sure I was designing a safe and simple interface for the primary user, in this case, a school administrator. I worked as closely as possible with the engineers and checked in frequently with my Design Director.


SAFR® by RealNetworks got in fast to the rapidly expanding field of facial recognition. Because of its exceptionally diverse database, their algorithms enjoy the status of "fastest and most compact" with "top-tier accuracy -- less than 0.0335 False Non-Match Rate."  Since the initial free rollout to schools nationwide, the company has expanded into the security sector and continues to lead the field in speed and accuracy.

macOS Console Design, iPad Kiosk and Door Interface  


This project is protected. Please contact me to learn more.


Julia does good work!


Mike Vance

Senior Director Product Management
Freelance Senior Project Manager

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