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International E-Commerce Site Checkout and Account Flows

Mobile and Desktop

In a screenshot from the live, lululemon Germany site, a modal welcomes you and asks if you'd like to stay or navigate to a different country's site


Lululemon, the popular yoga brand, was growing fast and needed to rapidly design for international customers, beginning with Japan, France and Germany. My team was tasked to create an international e-commerce site on a Salesforce framework under tight deadlines.


6 Months


Sketch, Sketch Cloud, Zeplin, Anima Timeline

My role

I was hired in a Senior UX Designer capacity. I owned the Checkout flow, Account pages and Region Selector and Brand Style Guide


Create design patterns that work across cultures, under a tight deadline


I developed a card-based approach to content and clear guidelines for button styling. I collaborated with my teammates to initiate an International Style Guide for future development, drawing on existing patterns and a modular approach for ease of implementation

Checkout Flow, Region Selector and Brand Style Guide

6 month project


Tools: Sketch, Sketch Cloud, Zeplin, Anima Timeline

Project Highlights

Creativity in constraints

Constraints can be liberating. Whether business, engineering or design concerns, what seems confining ultimately clarifies and strengthens the design.

This project is protected. Please contact me to learn more.

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