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US Immigration portal

Microsoft Internal tool 

Responsive Laptop & Desktop Design

Working within the Microsoft style guide, I chose elements intended for commercial sites and repurposed them to serve an internal tool. 


Microsoft hired me via HCL Technologies to redesign Microsoft's US Immigration Portal, an internal HR tool that would ultimately serve over 20,000 employees worldwide. As Senior UX Designer, I was tasked to design the user experience, including navigation, user interface and overall look and feel.

My role

Working with the stakeholder team at Microsoft and engineers at HCL, and guided by a UX Design Manager and Creative Director, I designed and delivered a function-heavy, accessibility-compliant internal tool that was built and launched in September 2017.


6 Months


Photoshop, Illustrator, Whiteboard, Pens & Paper


I was tasked to design a complex, function-heavy application from a set of user stories, under a six-month deadline, without specific style guidelines for internal tools, or the support of a full design team.


I began by studying user research provided by the client, which informed my decisions at every step, via personas I created to carry the data.


Site maps my team helped create for the client provided a road map of required functionalities.


I leveraged Microsoft commercial site patterns and the newly launched Microsoft Web Framework to guide my pattern designs, whiteboarding concepts till the user was onboard with my ideas.


I worked closely with engineering and stakeholders to convert my high-fidelity mockups into the final live site, in compliance with rigorous Microsoft accessibility standards.


Usability tests by Microsoft employees yielded overwhelmingly positive feedback on the improved functionality and ease of use. The site launched in late September, 2017 and is currently in use by over 20,000 employees worldwide.

End-to-End HR Desktop Tool Design
6 Month Project


Photoshop, Illustrator, Paper and Pens

This project is protected. Please contact me to learn more.


Susan Lee

Creative Director, HCL Technologies

Julia was brought on to HCL to design and manage a huge scope Microsoft Immigration Platform project without the luxury of a large creative support team. She was super quick to ramp up to brand design standards while integrating with the sprint planning. Her fast pace with attention to detail did not go unnoticed and has proven herself as a valued Design Thinker among engineers and business managers alike. I would hire Julia for future projects in a minute!"


Mike Hart

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Julia is an extraordinary person who had a major impact on the quality and effectiveness of a major project I worked on with her. Her intuitive designs and ability to adapt to ever-evolving business requirements was a major asset on this project. Feedback from the business showed her designs were a major improvement over the previous systems user interface and user experience. It was also a joy to work with her on a day-to-day basis as she was always professional and positive. I wish Julia the best in her endeavors and recommend her highly to anyone looking for a great UX / UI designer."

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