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Starbucks UX Research Project

Branded Solutions Vendor Website

uX research & presentation

The Starbucks logo stands out in perspective on the window of a coffeeshop.


My team at AIM Consulting conducted user research in three cities nationwide to provide insight into a C2C Starbucks website and presented our findings to national headquarters in Seattle

My role

As Visual Designer, I created all data visualizations including Site Maps, Personas, Journey Maps. As Assistant UX Researcher I traveled on location to help interview users of the site. My roles included real-time note-taking, data organization and analysis. I styled and edited our presentations and helped present to stakeholders.


4 Months


Illustrator, Powerpoint, Word, paper and pens


Help the client to understand opportunities on their existing site via data-rich,

research-based personas, journey maps, direct quotes and data analysis.


I inventoried the site's contents in two site maps, guest and logged in views. I traveled to Denver, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Maryland, helped gather data, organize and analyze it, and created visualizations that I helped present and deliver to the client.

UX Research, Analysis and Data Visualization

5 Month Project


Illustrator, Powerpoint, Paper and Pens

This project is protected. Please contact me to learn more.


Julia was originally hired as a visual designer, but she brought so much more to our project. She played a critical role in crafting, refining, and completing our UX design and research deliverables, while still being on-point with the visual design. Throughout the project, she has continually impressed me because: 

1) She produces high-quality visual design, UX, and research deliverables. 

2) She does exceptionally well in presenting her work during client-facing and executive reviews and meetings.

3) She produces high-quality work in a short/limited amount of time. 

It was great working with her, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her in the future."

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